Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good morning all!

A look out my window has let me know that there is brilliant sunshine waiting to greet me :)

It was weigh in day today so I stumbled out into the bathroom and weighed myself. Now for the moment of truth I LOST 1.5KGS!!!! woo :)

The thing I noticed this week was despite the rain and my sore muscles and everything that made me want to just lie in bed instead of doing anything I have worked out and dragged myself to do a minimum of working off 150 calories in a day.

So thats defiantly progress. Though I am still a bit confused on how people are burning so many calories. Unless I work out for hours I just can't burn those kind of numbers. But I'm shedding weight and meeting my goals so oh well!

Dinner will be easy tonight! I'm having the lasagna which I made last night so it's just a case of reheating :)

Plus GLEE is on!

Now to make this a great day I just need to get my finance approved for my new phone and computer which is taking ages

Shell xo

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  1. Well done! Without a HRM I'm a bit confused myself about the calories burnt thing... but it's obvious that reining in your food intake, and getting up and moving is what it takes.

  2. I have the heart rate mointor (well the bike has an inbuilt one too) but then when I cross reference it with my fitness pal the numbers arent the same. I've been going with the heart rate monitors numbers but I am still not 100% sure what to do there buuut I have decided not to let it stress me - loosing weight, getting used to exercise and having fun are more important right now :)

  3. I heart Glee!! And it is Wednesday and that makes it the 29th and your blog says 28th so I am just a touch confused - lol..

    Whoo on the loss Shells - that is fantastic! And don't you worry about how much people are burning, I have no idea how they are doing it actually, but as long as you are burning something, having fun, eating well, then you are doing really well.

    Have a great week. :)

  4. Ahhhh, the time it says I posted the above response is 3:46am on the 29th, but it is actually 8:47pm AEST. hee hee