Sunday, September 19, 2010

Measure Up and Planning Task

Hey Guys

I know I have been very awol this week. Had the worst weekend diet wise (argh!) but it is the last time - my work had a retreat at a spa this weekend so there was alot of alcohol ( I didnt realise at first that I was drinking alcohol because no one told me and it just tasted like raspberry cordial)

Now I'm paying for it in the measurements because of two reasons. You cant get away from awful food habits and the way Michelle was measuring is different to mine. But in a way it was good. Firstly because it teaches me far more strongly the importance of nutrition and secondly because it I wasnt going to put the changes up and then I was like NO BAD. Put them up again and work on removing them. The guys in the program deserve to know how bad/unable to correctly measure you are!!!

Now I also had to do the planning week this week because I was waiting to hear back about some commitments I had but I will deal with that shortly.



Distance from knee
Right thigh
Left thigh

Okay so they are my measurement straight from the site. Aided by the fact I got new digital scales I am now 3 kgs heavier than my old ones thought I was *sad* but oh well.

Now I also had to plan my weeks today (Bad me) but I guess the bright side is I didnt just not do it because "oh its too late". My plan is to admit to the errors I make in this program but also not be too hard on myself about them or I will just give up.

Monday - Fitness

6am -  Do Michelle's outdoor program that in the "My Program"

Tuesday - Toning

8am - Walk to work (half an hour)

After Work - Carmen Electras Fit to Strip DVD or a toning workout from one of my WII games

Wednesday - Fitness

6am - Surpise challange when ever possible

8am - walk to work (half an hour)

After Work -  Cardo work out from WII Games

Thursday - Toning

6am - Outdoor program of Michelle's

8am - Walk to work

Friday - Core/ Stretch

After Work - Yoga through my ipod instructional program

Saturday - Fitness

Morning - 45 minute walk/ swimming (once it gets warmer)

1pm - circus trampolining class at the PCYC/Gym


 Now depending on the week the day may need  to be reshuffled a little but that is the basic plan.

With that all finished I am now going to have another nap and continue recovering from my weekend. Happy 12WBT kick off guys :D

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  1. Looks like you have everything under control :)it's nice to think that you are a women with a plan right? I think that's the easiest way to tackle any problems that arise - just stick to the plan. If someone offers you a piece of cake you can say 'sorry doing this challenge thing and its not part of my plan' and say you paid for it so they will be less likely to give it to you (or more alcoholic red cordial!!)

    I haven't done my measurements yet (argh) but will today some time.

    Congrats on your 1 kg off (buried in the weightloss grave yard FOR GOOD)just think, only 4 lots of 5 kilos to go :) good luck for your first week xo