Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Measurement Day!

Hey Guys

Snoopy is summing it up! I got slammed at work today so I am pretty exhausted. However, good things happened today

* I only ate 1,134 calories despite having a small slice of the farewell cake at work today
* I burned 234 calories today walking to work and Wii boxing for ten minutes
* I got Wii Band Hero
*My textbook for Religion finally arrived so I can catch up
*Tomorrow is another day

But it is measurement day *play evil enterance music here*

Okay so I wasnt really sure what I needed to measure so I measured pretty much everything. So these are the start measurements to which all other measurements shall follow;

Weight: 92kgs (though I need to invest in digital scales and find a part of the house for even measuring)
BMI: 33.8 (eeep)
Neck: 36cm
Waist: 106cm
Hips: 134cm
Under Bust: 98cm
Upper Bust: 120 cm (with bra on)
Bicep: 34.5 cm
Thigh: 65.5 cm
Bum: 127cm

But I am using My Fitness Pal to track calories ( (also has a ipod download which is how i found it) and one of the good things is my body burns 1,637 calories just laying in bed. So if I limit myself to 1,200 and do exercise I will loose weight.

Now that they are on here I am looking forward to seeing the changes!

Happy weight loss everyone - I have a fair bit of uni work to do so I need to dash off

xo Shell

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