Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Eclipse

So the Twilight Saga is defiantly a very strange phenomena. But before I go on I'll just sum up the storyline thus far for those few remaining humans out there who have not read  the Twilight books. Basically the story is set in Forks, Washington where a girl by the name of Bella moves to town. In a small town she is naturally the focus of alot of attention; some more welcome than others. It turns out Bella has really tasty smelling blood. This of course would not usually be a problem unless your a vampire.

Enter Edward Cullen. A hot vampire whom is tortured as Bella's blood smells great but he's a vegetarian vampire. Throw in a few human eating vampires, a love triangle with a shape shifter and alot of random drama and you have Twilight.

Look to be honest I like the books alot. Yes I think the writing needs work, it worries me that the book encourages teens to conflate love with obsession and well Bella herself terrifies me. Also to paraphrase John Green there is a slight pedophile sense to the fact the 107 year old vampire is dating a 16 year old. But they are fan, fast and they engross you in a way that is entertaining.

So last night I finally watched Eclipse. I had avoided it because I was so badly disappointed by the first two which managed to only barely be watchable on the small screen. When I saw them at the movies I wanted to leave the cinema. Now Eclipse is a little silly and the acting abilities of the cast leave alot to be desired. I also felt that the tension in the books is lacking in the movies.

However all in all its a good fun movie for when you don't want anything too serious. There is angst, love triangles and a healthy dose action to make the movie fun.  Also Taylor Lautiner spends a great deal of time with no shirt on, which will be appreciated by the female viewers.

The cinematography was quite good and I felt the pace of this movie was far better than the past two.

However the dialogue is still quote awkward and the chemistry between the actors is lacking. I also felt the fight scene was a little less epic than I had been expecting.

Though a lot of my displeasure with these movies stems from them leaving out my favourite parts of the books - a problem of having read the books and liked them prior to having seen the movies. I avoid these problems when watching Harry Potter because I haven't read the books. All in all while the movie lasts you wont care about anything other than the drama unfolding on the screen. However, in the aftermath the message given by the movies may trouble you (such as no woman can be complete without a strong male to take care of her...and that a man sneaking in your window uninvited to watch you sleep is somehow a good thing?)

All in all I give this a 7/10. I have certainly seen much worse films.

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