Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pre Season Progress - Weigh in day!

Hey Guys

So its WEDNESDAY WEIGH IN DAY!!! How (un)exciting. I was actually kind of dreading this because I havent been good with my diet as much since Saturday for various reasons so I was like...hrmm Wonder how this will go.

But here are the measurements below. The one in brackets is last week and the one in front is this weeks measurements. I was so shocked by the results I have checked them 3 times including just now while I am at work!

Weight: 91 kgs (92kgs) - so 1kg lost
BMI: 33.8 (33.8) same
Neck: 36cm (36cm) same
Waist: 96.5 cm (106cm) massive 9.5 cm removed
Hips: 126 cm (134cm) 8cm removed
Under Bust: 96 cm(98cm) 2cm removed
Upper Bust: 107 cm with bra on(120 cm with bra on) 13 cms removed!!!
Bicep: 34cm (34.5 cm) 0.5cm removed
Thigh: 56cm (65.5 cm) 9.5cm removed
Bum: 127cm (127cm) same (damn it)

So it seems that overall my fitness is improving! Can't wait to see what its like under Michelle. Bring on 12wbt!

Shell xo

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  1. Wow, that's fantastic progress for preseason efforts. You'll kick butt once we start proper!