Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back from holidays

Hey guys :)

So my fiancé and I headed to Tasmania and had a lovely holiday there for the last week. I met his friends and family as well as having a lovely time checking out the sites. Wine glass bay is amazing and well worth the awful hike.

We didn't do well in food and drink intake though so I'm disappointed in myself. I'm on holidays until Thursday though so I am super excited to really get on track. My plans for tomorrow is to clean our house and do a cook up while waiting for the mail. Happy days :)

Then I will head to the doctors about my suspected asthma and then to the gym :)

Should be a good day. I'm waiting on the mail so I can go exchange my phone for a new one as I need the box which is at mum and dads house.

Thunder storms here are awesome and insane. Shall write more soon as it's bed time