Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 4 Pre Season Task and other ramblings

Good Evening Y'all

Okay enough chanelling a Southern Bell. Today has not been a good day. I had a to do list. I got up early. Everything started off very well in theory. Then it got severly side tracked by my printer breaking and having to go and get a new one. But more about that in a minute.

During my mad rush to go and get a new printer (and ink) because it was Sunday and I didnt want to be behind week one of study period because thats's just lame I though on this is the perfect opportunity (because I will be out anyway) to GEAR UP!  as per Michelle's directions.

I have weights already so I didnt upgrade them. They are only 1kg but I have a shoulder injury so I need to be careful with weights. My doctor told me to start with these and then work my way up - better to be safe than sorry and I dont fancy a shoulder reconstruction at 24!

So I have recently invested in a WII which I have wanted forever so it seemed like a good deal. So now I have EA sports (boxing should work my arms very nicely) and two fitness games including the Michelle Bridges endorsed My Shape. I have a feeling sue to work committments until daylight savings starts I will be working out indoors. I dont fancy (seeming I live on a highway) trying to run/walk outdoors in the dark. I have decided to catch the bus to work in the mornings which should mean about 30 minutes of walking done in the mornings. That will be a nice "outdoors" bonus.

I have Zumba dvds and Carmen Electra which I find fun. As we work our way through the program I may buy more but at this point I shall just see what happens. I also have a fitness ball and a folder full of exercises collated from various sources.

I work too far away from the gym to take kick boxing lessons and I hate treadmills and bikes so I wont be joining a gym. I will however be joining curcus lessons. Insane I know but it looks so fun. So I made an appointment to get my contact lenses and I will be joining soon afterwards for Saturday afternoon lessons. I want to be able to do this

and this

So once I assessed all this I realised I didnt really need to buy anything at all. I have an ipod and I dont think a heart monitor was more important than a new printer so it lost out (plus the exercise I like to do doesnt really require one). So I went out and got two new lorna jane exercise tops along with my new printer.

See normally after such a major set back I would have given up on my uni stuff for the day. It would have been too much hassle, I didnt feel like doing it and I could have been playing games on my wii and chatting to friends. But that was the me before this program. So other than having a nap (hey I was tired) and playing an hour or wii I spent all afternoon/night getting up to date and I DID IT! major improvement for me which will hopefully cross over into my eating/excerising life.

Wednesday (official weigh in day) I am going to post up my weight, measurements etc. I wasnt going to do it at first because I was thinking it would be too embarrassing. But I have decieded that its the only real way of making progress. Everyone else is bearing their souls so I may as well.

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  1. Sounds like a good day all round, can't wait to hear more about the circus lessons - and that reminded me I'm sure the girls have one of those fitballs hiding in their room, another thing to dig out.
    I would love a copy of one of the exercise dvd's, dance...could be interesting, but i do want to try lots of things to see what i actually do like when it comes to exercise