Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My word is my bond

Hey Guys,

Its the day before the dreaded weigh in and measurement kick off. Last week saw my focus largely being on the kick off of the new study period at uni so I didnt get an awful lot achieved. Yesterday I had a very sore ankle where I had rolled it so I didnt do much but I did watch my calories so yesterday my calorie intake was 787 which was pretty good.

Today I woke up feeling pretty good so I have walked half an hour (I took the bus to work instead of driving so to get to work I had to walk half an hour) and then I did half an hour of wii boxing because my ankle is a bit tender still. I also only consumed 984 calories and I burned 399.

So this week so far is going quite well.

So this is my committment to doing what it takes.  I will loose 15kgs by the end of the program and in the next 12 months I will loose 30kgs. Things may not always go my way (sore ankles for one) but I will do what I need to to get to that goal. I will be more flexable in all areas of my life and body.

The benefits of these things arent what I am committed to cos thats what I'm bribing myself with.

 Though I will be able to run 5kms (which is the distance to my work) by the end of the twelve weeks. I will do all these things not because I want to be attractive to someone else but because I want to do the right thing for myself, my body and my mind.

I am worth putting time and effort into to get right.

So this is my committment to you, to me and to the world in general.

Love Shell

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  1. I'll be watching! Ha Ha!

    I can't wait till the 12 weeks is up and you get to post how you have lost 15kg!