Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Live feeds are insane


Tonight was the first live feed and it was crazy. People were talking so fast it was so hard to keep up. But I did feel inspired, so I did parts of my fitness test just now so the stats so far are;

Push ups
(1 min)
Wall sit
Ab stage         
Sit and reach
(+/- cm)

So I have 2 advanced and 2 beginner. I am such a random person. I will let the time trial define the normal regime for fitness but I think I may have to mix the program up a bit. I was a dancer for years so my flexability (aided by the fact I stretch alot) has always been very good. I was surprised by how bad my abs are and how good my push ups are. I would have expected them to have been the other way around honestly.

So I am thinking I may have to do the advanced program for my flexability or just keep working on it through Yoga which will work me at my own benchmark for different levels of flexability.

Hope you all had a lovely night. Weigh in plus time test tomorrow. Alarm is set for 5am so see you on the other side


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