Monday, September 20, 2010

All I can say is best laid plans

So, today has been a bit of a disaster. I had my plan (which was a pretty good plan) and I woke up at 6am to realise that it had been raining since 3am and therefore I couldnt do my exercise. Hrmm. I was super tired though and feeling unwell so I went back to sleep and decided that I would exercise this afternoon when I got home from work.

So I get home and get changed into my work out gear and then realise that the only room in the house I have to work out in isnt at all big enough to use. Epic fail #2.

So in the end I have caved in and decided today will now be my rest day and Ill trade what I should have been doing today and do it on Sunday when I can get use of the local field or at a pinch my backyard.

ATLEAST I managed to make my calorie goal. baby steps right?


  1. From someone else who had a bummer of a day: get a dvd for backup cardio on a rainy day and find somewhere to do it!

    (And don't forgot to update your excuses in your 'my mission' page on 12wbt!)

    Tomorrow is a new day...

  2. Up an at 'em tomorrow - hope you got a plan worked out, I did my walk and exercises in the rain and came home and did the abs and stretches

  3. Hey there, Another solution is to do the outdoor program indoors - I did a warm up with a you-tube video instead of the run and then did the exercises. I skipped the final blast but would now skip or do an intensive aerobics workout for 10mins. You can work around anything - just remember that. Have a better day tomorrow ; )

  4. silly thing is I have dvds I just dont have the room to use them in because my study used to have room but currently has everything from the spare bedroom in it because we have people here and last night people were using the loungeroom. Instead I waited until everyone left for work this morning and I did half an hour of Carmen Electra fit to strip and I'll walk half an hour to work this morning (despite the rain)

  5. Woot! Woot! Nice work, Shells! Keep it coming and you will see the results for sure!