Monday, September 27, 2010

Sorry! I'm not ignoring you

Hey guys,

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet this week. Didn't mean to be though, disaster struck and my computer no longer has a screen. So that has complicated things for me; it's very hard to live my life minus my computer - to begin with I study online!!!

Pretty much I had a bad week and nothing much seemed to
Go right so here is to this week improving!

I just got a stationary exercise bike (and today picked up a converter plug because the power cord wasn't to Australian standards) and used it and once I got over being uncomfortable I rode for half an hour and did 13.5kms and burned 150 calories.

I'm looking forward to trying for 18kms tomorrow :)

Okay I'd best get to bed -5am wake up beckons and let's hope this week is looking up!

So fingers crossed tomorrow I get my extension for my assignments that I can't submit as I have no computer, vodaphone approve my application for a phone (2 days till answer my arse), Dell approves finance to replace my computer and work is less of a bitch than it has been.

To much to ask for? Lets hope not xo

Hope you all had an amazing week last week and that this one is better

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