Thursday, September 9, 2010

Im not counting chickens but still

Or in this case the cause of fitness.

So today i was dragging my heels because I was tired, my body hurt and work was hard this week and I just couldnt find any motivation. SO when I got up this morning I had pretty much decieded stuff walking to work I'm going to catch a taxi (despite the fact the Taxi is $16 and the bus $1.90 ...(i only walk 1/2 an hour and catch the bus along the main highway because I dont want to die)

So I stumbled out of bed and hopped on the scales and to my delight between yesterday morning and this morning I HAD LOST A KG!!! Now I am not expecting such weight loss to continue, 7kgs a week is asking a fair bit but it motivated me so off I went this morning and walked. I want to be healthy and the only way that will happen is get up off my arse and walk each day. I also dug out my Zumba and Carmen Electra dvds, so they can get a work out as well.

I met my 1200 calorie goal again today :) that makes it 4 days in a row.

So this challange was to clean out the cupboards. Luckily for me my dad recently was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 so we never have much junk food in the house and seeming today was shopping day we were certinatly lacking junk! What I did manage to do was not buy anymore ice creams, no softdrink, no chocolate.

Everything we bought was good for us, including an organic butter which has less than 1g salt and sugar!!

The best thing about living in the country is fresh produce so we stopped by the variour road side stalls and got banannas, carrots and strawberries for me to use as snacks! The other main culprit of mine is I like to drink fruit juice so instead we invested in a juicer so now I can make fresh fruit juice with no added sugar so I get the best of both worlds!

To celebrate I bought myself this incredible pillow

Its a one of a kind but you can source these pillows at

I am so excited for tomorrow! Bring on more good choices and healthy living


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  1. Great effort.. you are seeing results already.

    Love the pillow as well :)