Monday, September 20, 2010

Thankfully "tomorrow" came today

Good Morning (for the next twenty minutes) All,

I have a weakness. Its a pretty common weakness in that everything I dont like doing gets put off to "tomorrow". You know that "tomorrow" that never comes until a) I have to do something by a deadline and so I am up to all hours of the day/night to get it done or b) I just write it off because I havent done it in so long it doenst seem necessary.

This is the worst habit I have because it leads to alot of unnecessary stress! But the good news is that it stopped today! I dragged myself out of bed at 7am (laugh all you want I dont usually get up until 8am at the earliest) and got myself dressed. Then I waited around for mum and dad to leave (while trying to not look like I was trying to push them out the front door) and then set up and did half an hour of the carmen electra fit to strip dvd. Now this dvd is about an hour but I dont have an hour of free time for the loungeroom so I did half an hour of this and then I walked for half an hour.

Now food wise I dont really eat anything that's on Mish's menu for both health reasons ( I cant have eggs and avacado with no gall bladder it makes me ill) and because I am fussy. So I have just been using My Fitness Pal to keep a track of my calories and keep them under 1200 and I am doing quite well with that.

Now I just have to go home and catch up on all my uni work. But things are definatly looking up.

The plan is to get to bed early and then get up at 5am tomorrow and do my fitness test. I even used google maps this morning to work out how far i need to go to get to 1km.

Hopefully I will see you all tonight at 7pm (unless that co-incides with dinner in which case I wont be seeing you then!)



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