Friday, June 22, 2012

Months of Silence Broken

Hi Readers I most likely do not have!

So I have this habit of having great ideas - just no follow through. That is what I wanted to fix life wise over the next 12 weeks. Have more follow through! (I say this and theres a box of veggies in the kitchen that I started to unpack and then got bored and wandered online).

So Im still here trying to loose weight. My scales have not been co operating and are steadily creeping in the wrong direction. Its upsetting as Ill have a good loss and then proceed to have three weeks of gain. Yet today I ran 5kms and my clothes are looser. I think its actually possibly my floor (as I have good tanita scales) so I may need to change where I weigh myself.

I booked in our engagement photoshoot session so that is providing me with some motivation to step up my game exercise wise!

Im sad ill be missing out on my super workout as Ill be off Bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday! But Ill just do a big work out Sunday - I need to pull out my finger though and work on cleaning my house tonight otherwise nothing will be done on Sunday but cleaning! I wold then have to squeeze in some Zumba and fitness DVD and I always slack off when im training in the lounge - too close to too many places to sit down!!!

So im hoping to do a bit of a cook up/ clean tonight. Hopefully the Broncoes arent playing tonight so my fiancee will stay out of the lounge/kitchen.....

Ive read some amazing books recently so I must do some reviews soon

I really should get back to the groceries!

My aim this week is to post three times so hopefully more soon