Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh work how I hate thee


So I finally survived Ed of Financial Year with minimal damage done to my waistline which is a plus :) But I didnt really make much of an improvement either!

Everyone in my local 12WBT group has been signing up for pole dancing lessons which is something I would love to do but I also have no upper body strength either and I finish work at 3pm so the times didnt really suit me either!

But then I realised I could change gyms - which I did today. I signed a 12 month contract (havent mentioned that to my fiance yet as he would be sceptical and annoyed at me) and I am committed to going to the gym atleast 3 times a week. The other 3 days im content to mix it up and work out doing non gym things as Im easily bored and distracted. They have body pole which is a pole based workout that builds the muscles you need. I think once ive done a few months then Ill sign up. I just dont want to waste $170 on something that I wont enjoy

Feeling super committed today - I hope it lasts


Friday, June 22, 2012

Months of Silence Broken

Hi Readers I most likely do not have!

So I have this habit of having great ideas - just no follow through. That is what I wanted to fix life wise over the next 12 weeks. Have more follow through! (I say this and theres a box of veggies in the kitchen that I started to unpack and then got bored and wandered online).

So Im still here trying to loose weight. My scales have not been co operating and are steadily creeping in the wrong direction. Its upsetting as Ill have a good loss and then proceed to have three weeks of gain. Yet today I ran 5kms and my clothes are looser. I think its actually possibly my floor (as I have good tanita scales) so I may need to change where I weigh myself.

I booked in our engagement photoshoot session so that is providing me with some motivation to step up my game exercise wise!

Im sad ill be missing out on my super workout as Ill be off Bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday! But Ill just do a big work out Sunday - I need to pull out my finger though and work on cleaning my house tonight otherwise nothing will be done on Sunday but cleaning! I wold then have to squeeze in some Zumba and fitness DVD and I always slack off when im training in the lounge - too close to too many places to sit down!!!

So im hoping to do a bit of a cook up/ clean tonight. Hopefully the Broncoes arent playing tonight so my fiancee will stay out of the lounge/kitchen.....

Ive read some amazing books recently so I must do some reviews soon

I really should get back to the groceries!

My aim this week is to post three times so hopefully more soon



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back from holidays

Hey guys :)

So my fiancé and I headed to Tasmania and had a lovely holiday there for the last week. I met his friends and family as well as having a lovely time checking out the sites. Wine glass bay is amazing and well worth the awful hike.

We didn't do well in food and drink intake though so I'm disappointed in myself. I'm on holidays until Thursday though so I am super excited to really get on track. My plans for tomorrow is to clean our house and do a cook up while waiting for the mail. Happy days :)

Then I will head to the doctors about my suspected asthma and then to the gym :)

Should be a good day. I'm waiting on the mail so I can go exchange my phone for a new one as I need the box which is at mum and dads house.

Thunder storms here are awesome and insane. Shall write more soon as it's bed time


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hrmm I see cobwebs

So.....long time no see. I had a horrific sinus infection so I spent the last week eating chocolate and sleeping. No gum, no real food just lots of junk and sleep. So today I was rewarded with gaining 1.3kgs. Ahhh that sucks.

I went to the gym Monday, tuesday and had today off as we needed someone home to get groceries. I did walk for half an hour so that's better than nothing on my rest day. Tomorrow I will either be walking all around taronga zoo or I will headed to the gym and then to shop for new gym shoes and a new dress.

While I gained weight back I have lost 2.5 kgs in 5 weeks which is pretty dismal so I'm hoping to step it up with the gym.I have a power plate class Friday, I'll do some interval machine work Saturday and Sunday and then zumba Monday and beginner pump Tuesday so we shall see how that reflects in next weeks weigh in.

I set my goals this week and the plan is to loose 5kgs a month while doing 12wbt. Let's see how I go. By 12 months I want to fit into my wedding dress :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So while I am sick exciting things have happened wedding wise

*we picked our stationary. As we dont have a theme (just a colour scheme) we picked these really pretty garden themed ones that really suit our venue.
* My flower girls baskets arrived and they are so amazingly pretty
*We paid off my wedding ring
*My tiara arrived and its so unbelievably amazing
*Mum picked up my dress
*I found a decorator
*Booked my appointment with the venue to make some final decisions on the room and secure the booking
*I put a deposit down on the cake
*I bought my bridesmaids jewlery.

So seeming I am not getting married until September 14th its a little overly organised but meh.

Sickness IS Terrible

Hey Everyone

I feel bad that I havent been on here in awhile. My fiance and I went house hunting on the weekend which took all day; so I didnt make it to the gym but I did walk 6km from house to house so we decieded that counts as exercise (often had to jog to the next inspection too) and then on Sunday I went to the gym for an hour and a half and burned 967 calories.

Then on Monday my sniffles had turned into pain. Tuesday I didnt go to work and saw a doctor who told me I have a severe sinus infection. I went to work yesterday but was dead on my feet by 3pm and Im back home in bed today.

Pre season Task 2 came out for 12wbt and I was really honest with myself about what is an excuse. I mean I cant help being sick and I need to recover from it - but I can also give myself the time to do it quickly. I shouldnt compromise my health for my job so today I am resting in bed. Normally I would go to work and instead be sick for weeks rather than days; then use the fact I feel unwell not to train. In the long run one full day of rest is better then several half days of pushing myself to just stand upright and meaning I dont move my arse for 8 or 9 days.

Do I feel guilty being at home? yeah I do because I know how busy work is and I feel somewhat like I should be there. I am a bit of a control freak so I like being in the thick of it. I have to learn to take a step back and rely on my team (I am acting Team Leader at work currently)

Ive booked in holidays for the next few months as sometimes I'm sick because I am burning out. I need to make sure I take some time off and relax

I might post up my excuses shortly

Hope everyone is well

Thursday, January 12, 2012

House cleaning ahoy

So while I may not have worked out this morning I did manage to clean my house from top to bottom and do three loads of washing. I am pretty pleased with myself as the plan is to meet my fiancee for a house inspection and then head off to the gym.

This means I can actually do SSS which is usually derailed by the fact that washing needs to be done and my house needs to be cleaned!

I got the latest womens health and it has some really fun work out plans that I am going to try in the weeks leading up to kick off when Michelle doesnt give us any workouts. I find myself a bit aimless at the gym sometimes and unsure of what to do in the slightest.

Wish I had worn my heart rate monitor and could have seen how many calories cleaning a house burns!!!

My best friend and god daughter are coming over very shortly to look at and discuss wedding plans so I shall head off and bask in the enjoyment that is a clean house :):)

Not the Best Week

So I havent been good this week. My partner and I are househunting, he is on call and I am on my period. There is a large issue of motivation and JFDI but at the same time I was so exhausted and sick today I dropped a plate and then sliced my finger trying to pick it up going to see a doctor if I get this sick again next period. I dont usually get this sick and without a Gall Bladder anymore I try and make sure I see my doctor when something strange is happening as I just want to noever ignore symptoms until its too late again.

In other news I have lost 800 grams this week which is yay :) I also managed one morning Yoga class - I know Mish says to exercise in the morning but it was horrible for me - I stressed the whole time about getting to work on time, had  to line up for a shower at the gym etc. So Im just going to stick to afternoons when I can go with my finacee.

I have tomorrow off work and my best mate and god daughter are coming to visit and talk about the wedding. Its so exciting :)

Pretty much I can now relax on wedding stuffs until April. Im super organised because I am not getting married until September 2013 and I have already gotten various things ready. Lets hope my organisation skills stay this good!

I have been really good with food this week which is exciting. My Fiancee and I have stuck to meals where it was 2/3rds of the plate is salad and a very small portion of meat.

Hope you are all well xx

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Check In

Hey Guys

So this weekend showed me that best intentions arent going to get me very far. Firstly My "bit of a cold" turned into "a cold" so I couldnt train because I couldnt breathe most of the weekend. Saturday started out well calories wise but then we had some friends over and I have two glasses of wine, a coke with vodka and a midori splice. I shudder to even consider the calories consumed in a few hours. At first this morning I was mad at myself - I worked hard all week and then threw it all away. Then I realised sometimes (and btw this is the first time ive had more than 1 glass of something in a year) its okay to act like a 25 year old and drink with friends. So long as its only VERY occasionally. Bright side I wasnt hung over this morning - turns out the obsessive drinking of water encouraged by this program assists with hangovers as well.

Today I was nazi about my calories so thats a good thing and I only ate 900. Tomorrow begins my first week of alone time at the gym. So due to how bad I was this weekend Panda (the Fiancee) and I have decieded to take on SSS and do a V-Punch class at the gym, followed by cycling and swimming. Then I am heading off to a sydney dance company lesson. It should be a good work out :)

Spent most of the day doing wedding planning stuff. So many emails in such a short amount of time *sigh*

Friday, January 6, 2012

Planning for success

So I finally sat down and planned out my week :) the only way to get to classes is too plan for them so on that note;

Saturday - rest day
Sunday - 10:30 kinesis beginner
Monday - body pump
Tuesday - aqua
Wednesday - hot yoga
Thursday - body attack
Friday - swimming

There's a lot of classes I haven't ever done before so I'll be interested to see if I like them :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New challenges headache

Hey guys

Well my pre season for pre season is going well diet wise mostly because everything bad for me is banished from the house.

I'll make it to 5 days this week at the gym were I have found a new class I loved which was aqua and a new clas to avoid which was cycle which I hated. Live and learn hey?

But tonight I'm running an insane fever and my body aches but I did do half an hour at the gym:)

I'll update more later.... Right now I need sleeps so badly

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hrmm its been a long time

*blows off the dust*

So its been a long time since I have written in this blog and some amazing things happened (travelled overseas, met my finace and got engaged)

But I also gined weight and so here I am again blogging and working out.

The simple reason is I want to enjoy my wedding. On one hand its because I am little vain like most people and I want those pictures that I will paying a fortune for to look good. But it is also because I do not want to be this version of myself for my husband. I want to be the best version.

Additionally I dont want to get diabetes or die of a heart attack when I am 30.

The real changing point was when I had to run for a plane and ended up with an asthma attack

So heres to 18months to loose 30kgs and be the best version of me that I can be :)