Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not the Best Week

So I havent been good this week. My partner and I are househunting, he is on call and I am on my period. There is a large issue of motivation and JFDI but at the same time I was so exhausted and sick today I dropped a plate and then sliced my finger trying to pick it up going to see a doctor if I get this sick again next period. I dont usually get this sick and without a Gall Bladder anymore I try and make sure I see my doctor when something strange is happening as I just want to noever ignore symptoms until its too late again.

In other news I have lost 800 grams this week which is yay :) I also managed one morning Yoga class - I know Mish says to exercise in the morning but it was horrible for me - I stressed the whole time about getting to work on time, had  to line up for a shower at the gym etc. So Im just going to stick to afternoons when I can go with my finacee.

I have tomorrow off work and my best mate and god daughter are coming to visit and talk about the wedding. Its so exciting :)

Pretty much I can now relax on wedding stuffs until April. Im super organised because I am not getting married until September 2013 and I have already gotten various things ready. Lets hope my organisation skills stay this good!

I have been really good with food this week which is exciting. My Fiancee and I have stuck to meals where it was 2/3rds of the plate is salad and a very small portion of meat.

Hope you are all well xx

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