Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Check In

Hey Guys

So this weekend showed me that best intentions arent going to get me very far. Firstly My "bit of a cold" turned into "a cold" so I couldnt train because I couldnt breathe most of the weekend. Saturday started out well calories wise but then we had some friends over and I have two glasses of wine, a coke with vodka and a midori splice. I shudder to even consider the calories consumed in a few hours. At first this morning I was mad at myself - I worked hard all week and then threw it all away. Then I realised sometimes (and btw this is the first time ive had more than 1 glass of something in a year) its okay to act like a 25 year old and drink with friends. So long as its only VERY occasionally. Bright side I wasnt hung over this morning - turns out the obsessive drinking of water encouraged by this program assists with hangovers as well.

Today I was nazi about my calories so thats a good thing and I only ate 900. Tomorrow begins my first week of alone time at the gym. So due to how bad I was this weekend Panda (the Fiancee) and I have decieded to take on SSS and do a V-Punch class at the gym, followed by cycling and swimming. Then I am heading off to a sydney dance company lesson. It should be a good work out :)

Spent most of the day doing wedding planning stuff. So many emails in such a short amount of time *sigh*

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