Thursday, January 12, 2012

House cleaning ahoy

So while I may not have worked out this morning I did manage to clean my house from top to bottom and do three loads of washing. I am pretty pleased with myself as the plan is to meet my fiancee for a house inspection and then head off to the gym.

This means I can actually do SSS which is usually derailed by the fact that washing needs to be done and my house needs to be cleaned!

I got the latest womens health and it has some really fun work out plans that I am going to try in the weeks leading up to kick off when Michelle doesnt give us any workouts. I find myself a bit aimless at the gym sometimes and unsure of what to do in the slightest.

Wish I had worn my heart rate monitor and could have seen how many calories cleaning a house burns!!!

My best friend and god daughter are coming over very shortly to look at and discuss wedding plans so I shall head off and bask in the enjoyment that is a clean house :):)

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  1. I should wear my heart rate monitor and clean the house. That may motivate me to do a good job lol.