Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hrmm I see cobwebs

So.....long time no see. I had a horrific sinus infection so I spent the last week eating chocolate and sleeping. No gum, no real food just lots of junk and sleep. So today I was rewarded with gaining 1.3kgs. Ahhh that sucks.

I went to the gym Monday, tuesday and had today off as we needed someone home to get groceries. I did walk for half an hour so that's better than nothing on my rest day. Tomorrow I will either be walking all around taronga zoo or I will headed to the gym and then to shop for new gym shoes and a new dress.

While I gained weight back I have lost 2.5 kgs in 5 weeks which is pretty dismal so I'm hoping to step it up with the gym.I have a power plate class Friday, I'll do some interval machine work Saturday and Sunday and then zumba Monday and beginner pump Tuesday so we shall see how that reflects in next weeks weigh in.

I set my goals this week and the plan is to loose 5kgs a month while doing 12wbt. Let's see how I go. By 12 months I want to fit into my wedding dress :)

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